Thank you! Thank you!

ジェリー マーティン

End of Week 4 already! This week flew by! What caused the time to fly by so fast?....Maybe it was because the students began practicing with their speech coaches early in the morning, at lunch, and after school…..or…Maybe it was because the GE students were working so hard on their presentations…or….Maybe it was because the TOEFL seminar students were working so diligently (look up this word if you don’t know it)…or… Maybe it was because the students and instructors were trying so hard not to use the secret adjective, adverb, and phrase of the day…or…Maybe because the study rooms were FILLED with students studying (We love that you guys are studying so hard, but don’t forget about the time:o)…or…Maybe it was because the high school students are getting more aggressive (The instructors like the more aggressive version of you guys! Keep it up!)...or…Maybe it was because the new students have Junya back in the class and are all speaking more and learning about articles:o)))) Whatever the reason or reasons, one thing is for sure, life really does pass quickly and so will your time at HIUC, so make sure you are making the most out of each and every day!

This time last year, our lives were much different than what they are today; Japan was different. This Sunday is the one-year mark for the terrible disasters that hit Japan on March 11th. Use this weekend to reflect back on how lucky we really all are to have our families, friends, shelter, electricity, food, and water. Remember that everything we love and cherish can be taken away from us in an instant. Let’s all try to focus on the positives in life and be contributors to the rebuilding of Japan through education. In the GE class this week, we learned how companies and countries could improve their economic situations by investing in education and research & development (R&D). Invest in your education now while you are young, and you can contribute a lifetime of economic benefits to Japan and the global community toward making the world a better place for all. Of course, this investment in education includes short breaks for having fun with your friends and family, traveling to new places, trying new experiences, making friends from around the world, singing and dancing your butt off, catching those perfect waves, getting that perfect photograph, and enjoying great meals with great people! DO IT ALL!!!!!


The instructors made this short video to express our deepest appreciation to all of our HIUC students and staff from our affiliated colleges and universities (We have no teleprompter, but it’s on our wish list:o).!/photo.php?v=10150717635685446
What you guys did for Japan last year was nothing short of amazing. Everyone in Japan, especially your HIUC instructors and staff, are so thankful that you mobilized your international friends into action to assist Japan at such a much-needed time. Your signed flags (Azusa Yamato), TV interviews (Satoshi Kubo), your newspaper interviews (Yuka & Takahiro), and school fundraising events (just about EVERY HIUC STUDENT) were so appreciated throughout the regions most affected. Your contributions did make a difference. To our students who were with us last year when the quake hit….what can we say…you guys will always be super special to us. ALL HIUC STUDENTS ROCK!

Finally, I want to let each of you (HIUC students past, current, and future) know that your instructors are ALWAYS here to support you! No matter what your problem is….No matter how alone you may feel…No matter how miserably you failed a test…You can ALWAYS reach out to us! We will ALWAYS be here to support you, and if you need more professional help, we will certainly guide you in the right direction or get it for you! Please do not forget this!!! We really do love HIUC and our HIUC STUDENTS!!