☆★3rd Week of Spring Term★☆

ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. We are just finishing the third week of the spring term at HIUC Osaka. All the classes are going well, and the students seem to be doing fine.

In my reading and writing class, we are making good progress. We spent some time looking at topic sentences. A good paragraph needs a good topic sentence. The students had to write some topic sentences for homework. No one got perfect, but everybody got 80 to 90% correct. I thought that was pretty good. We have just started to look at supporting details. A good paragraph also needs good supporting details. That means there should be specific details and examples. When you write a paragraph, you have to ask yourself questions. Often, the answers to those questions need to be part of your paragraph.


We have also been working on our grammar. We covered subjects and verbs. All the students did well in this area. Then we looked at simple sentences and compound sentences. We did some practice worksheets and some writing homework. Next, we are going to look at complex sentences.

The other classes have been busy too. The students in the essay writing classes are all working on essays this week. They need to write five-part essays. That mean the essay needs an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. They have also been reading Oliver Twist. They need to do vocabulary building activities and comprehension questions based on the book. Later, they will need to write some paragraphs based on the characters in the book. Towards the end of the term, they will need to write an essay on the book.

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The students in the American culture class and the level four listening and speaking class gave short presentations this week. Most people did pretty well. They are all using the skills they have learnt so far. For example, they had cue cards with the main points of the speech on them. They also had good eye contact with the audience and spoke with some intonation.


It is nice to see everyone using what they have learnt. I look forward to their continued success.