★Half-Way Point of the Spring Term★


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

We are now at the half-way point of the spring term at HIUC Osaka.
Classes are getting more difficult, and the students are pretty busy, but everyone looks pretty happy. I think the students are getting better at managing their time. Almost all of the students are finishing all of the homework. Also, the big assignments – presentations and essays – are being handed in on time. The nice thing is that the quality of the assignments is pretty good too.


For this blog, I decided to walk around the floor and take a few picture every thirty minutes or so. I caught some of the students waiting in the classrooms for their classes to begin. The students are almost always in class early and ready to go when the class begins. I also saw students waiting in the hall for the previous class to end, so they can go in and get ready for their class. Like I said, they are almost always early for class.


I have some pictures of students in class. They are sometimes working in their books, or talking in pairs, or listening to presentations. There are a few shots of the students enjoying their lunches. Sometimes they sit, relax and talk during lunch. Other times, they talk and study together while eating lunch.


Of course there are a few pictures of students working and studying in the computer room. There are always at least a couple of students working in the computer room. Finally, there are a few pictures of students just hanging out and talking. They talk to their classmates and to the students from other classes. It is nice to see how many students have friends from other classes.


I hope you have a good day. Talk to you later.