A Nice Walk in The Forest

I went to take a therapeutic walk the other day.

I spent about an hour walking with my friends through the woods.

“Shinrin-yoku” is the word to describe it in Japanese.

The whole purpose is to take a relaxing walk and enjoy the sound and air of the forest, but this time,

the heat was too intense. The only relief was the wind blowing every so often when we were under the shadow.

Along the way, we stepped into the river to cool down our feet, watching the fishes swimming,

and listened to the birds humming. The walk lasted for an hour, and when we finally reached our destination,

a giant waterfall, I felt the coolness and a sense of accomplishment, and realized how wonderful a “Sinrin-yoku” can be!

Another discovery from the walk this time was “Shihouchiku” (A square shaped bamboo) .

They are thin, but unlike the usual bamboo trees, they are not round, but square instead.

You can barely tell from how they look, but when you touch them, you would notice they have four corners. 

This particular bamboo grows between autumn and winter,

but there is only a month where you can eat it as “Takenoko”. How would you like a bite of it?




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