Summer is the season of festival in Japan. The three festivals in Tohoku as a starter,

there are more to come in July and August. Wasshoi! (Hooray!)

What makes a summer festival in Japan? A gorgeous portable shrine, various food stands,

and not to mention the beautiful fireworks. These sort of social public events were taking place since the ancient time,

but it was not until the Edo era when the festivals started to take the forms of what it is today.

Back in the days, most food stands sold candies or rice cakes. There were a few shops that also provided Sushi with

Shrimps, Eels, Red Snappers, and Shellfish being their most popular dishes.

Of course, they did not have a refrigerator at that time, so they would soak the fish slice into vinegar or soy sauce

beforehand to avoid deterioration.

The summer festivals will take place in almost every part of Japan. It might be a

great adventure to travel around and search for unique local festivals.