Does “Milky Way” Exist in Reality?

This week we are celebrating Tanabata, also referred to as Star Festival in Japan.

The festival is also known in several other countries in Asia. So, how do people celebrate? People usually write their wishes on Tanzaku (a small piece of paper), and hang them on bamboo tree with decorations. People would also eat Somen noodle, Sushi bowl and jellies with special decorations for the festival.

Do you have any wishes to write on Tanzaku?

Not so many knows that the festival was originated in Osaka. Hatamono Shrine, based in Kono city of Osaka is famous for worshiping Orihime and as the place where the festival started. A huge festival takes place in the premise of Shrine every year on July 6th and 7th.

During the period, you could find a lot of bamboo trees with decorations and Tanzaku hanging, and also, you can meet Orihime and Hikoboshi, only they are in mascot suit. Tanzaku will be set afloat on Amano River at 11:00PM on July 7th. The Amano River with all the light-ups is truly beautiful. It is definitely worth visiting!

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