Ask students! Kyle Blaize Arreza, an international student at HAJL


A 13-part interview series with pupils of Human Academy

From Australia

Arreza Kyle Blaize

✓Why did you decide to study in Japan?

I have a Japanese cousins. They can't speak or understand much English, so communication was always tough. That's why I decided to start learning Japanese.
But also, I worked as a radio DJ and as a voice actor in Australia.
And, I really want to get into Japanese voice acting - I love the work they do!
So I decided to study aborad - that's why I'm here!

✓Future goals?

First, I want to graduate from HAJL, then afterwards, I'm looking to get into a voice-acting school

✓Favorite japanese food?

Ramen. Specifically, tonkatsu-ramen!

✓Well, what japanese food do you dislike?

Oden. It tastes quite bland...
Actually, Australia has its own 'oden' but the flavor is richer than here in Japan.
That's why when I tried Japanese oden, it was quite bland to me.

✓Your favourite place in Japan?

I really love Kyoto! I went to Uzumasa and it was so much fun! I had a ninja overload!
I also like Nara, Gunma, and Nagano.
Recently though, I went to Odaiba, and had an amazing day with friends!


✓What's difficult about learning Japanese?

Things like honorific, humble, and polite language. Knowing when and how to use them is a bit of a challenge.
Even though I know the grammar and vocabulary, knowing when to use it and with whom can be a struggle.

✓What do you do to practice your language skills?

My housemates and I have made a few rules when it comes to languages in the house.
We decided, "We should only use Japanese!" Using English is fine and all, but for the sake of getting practice, we should speak in Japanese.

What's the most exciting thing about the school?

In any one class, there's a mix of students from all over the world. It's a good chance to make international friends.
After my classmate's graduation ceremony, we went and had yakiniku together!
It was awesome, I loved the time we had!


✓Your advice for people who want to come to Japan for study?

In the beginning I definitely thought "This is too hard" and I think alot of people feel the same way.
But, take it easy. Go at your own pace, and just keep at it.
It's true that at the start, it'll be tough, but push ahead at your pace.
If you can keep it up, you'll get better in no time!



Tokyo ヒューマンアカデミー日本語 東京校

東京都新宿区高田馬場3-18-13 サクセス高田馬場ビル4階

JR山手線、東西線、西武新宿線「高田馬場」駅 徒歩10分


Osaka ヒューマンアカデミー日本語 大阪校

大阪市中央区北久宝寺町2-5-9 飛栄創建ビル1F

地下鉄御堂筋線「本町」駅11番出口 徒歩5分


Saga ヒューマンアカデミー日本語 佐賀校

佐賀県佐賀市松原2-2-27 佐賀バルーンミュージアム4F




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