Ask students! Doherty Christopher John who is international student of HAJL

Interwiew 12-part is from pupils of Human Academy

From United Kingdom

Doherty Christopher Johnさん

✓Why did you decide to study in Japan?

Since I was a kid I've always wanted to work and live in Japan.

Also Japanese food is amazingly delicious.


✓Future goals?

After graduating from Human Academy I would like to enter a specliased college and become a Careworker in Japan.

Being a Careworker I think would be a very rewarding job as I am being of help to those unable to help themselves.

✓Favorite japanese food?

My wife's homecooked food! To tell you the truth I've only just got married recently :D

Other than my wife's food I love Tenpura.

It kind of reminds me of UK's 'Fish and Chips' in a way I think.

✓Well, what japanese food do you dislike?


It's a bit weird, kind of looks like human brains.

Shirako is made from the milt of Blowfish and Salmon.

✓Your favourite place in Japan?

I think Asakusa is great. It has a traditinal Japanese feeling to the place.

I've also travelled to places such as Nagasaki, Sapporo, Osaka and many many more.

I do love Tokyo also.

✓What is difficult thing Japan's language

I think Kanji without the Furugana (that bit of kana above the Kanji) can be difficult to read sometimes.

✓What extra exercise do you do for to learn Japan language?

Everyday I make a habbit of studying vocabulary with a program called ANKI.

With ANKI you can make your own cards and study anything you want and there's handy graphs to show your progress etc.

At the moment I have about 4000 words left to learn, so probably by the end of this year I will have finished them all.

✓What do you enjoy about studying abroad?

Studying Japanese is fun. The chance to practice with your class mates on a daily basis is always fun. But more importantly helpful for practicing and improving.

✓What's your advice for people who want to come to Japan for studying?

I think saving as much money as possible is probably the most important thing. You're here to study, not work.

Also make lots of friends.

The more Japanese friends you make, the more your Japanese will improve!

Thank you for the interview!

4000 remaing to learn Doherty Christopher Johnさん

Enjore your time studying!

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