「New Price!」More and More easy to learn! ★Japanese Online School★


Japanese Online School ! Getting More and More easy to learn with the New price!

We, Human Academy with 30 years experience in Japanese Language education, presents new learning experience through our Japanese online school.

Don't you try the newly arrange online course under new price tag?


You can learn for monthly fee of 25,920 yen

You will get high quality lessons from us just for 25,920 yen.

Lessons are private! You will quickly gain the language skills!

Lesson Plan

* monthly fee* 1 lesson 45 min

 8 lessons 25,920 yen

12 lessons 38,880 yen

16 lessons 51,840 yen

20 lessons 64,800 yen

 ★Tax inclusive

Available courses?

Since all the courses are private lessons, you can select what you want to learn

For example

want to master business Japanese!

want to learn from the basics!

want to pass the JLPT N2

We will support you to the best to achieve your goal!

For those who has concerns about learning Japanese online....

In recent years, online learning is increasing. There might be lack of confidence for the people who haven't learnt online before.

For example

Is it effective ...

Want to improve writing skills, but is it the correct way to learn...

Lack of PC handling skills...

For the people with above concerns, the best thing is to participate for a free trial lesson.


Q: What are the payment options?

A: You can pay either as bank transfer or as credit card payment.

Q: Do we have to pay entrance fee every month?

A: Entrance fee will be charged only for first month. However, If you have prior learning history with Human Academy Language School or currently learning, this will be exempted.

Q: I am not that good about handling PC?

A: Our online school staff will sport you to the best. So you don't need to worry at all.

user guide will be sent before hand.

Q: Do you use Skype?

A: We are using Adobe system, not Skype.

Q: I don't have a PC with me ?

A: You can take the lessons using tablet pc or Smart Phone( recommend to use PC)

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need to know more!

For Inquiries, please click here!


Please check the sample video of trial lesson!


LINE contact details can be found here.





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