Ask students! Romanenkova Ekaterina who is international student of HAJL

from Russia

Romanenkova Ekaterina

Why did you decide to study in Japan?

I like Japanese culture, also I wanted try to live in Japan.

I live japanese anime and music, also I did cosplay and made cosplay costumes by myself.

Future goals?

When I graduate from Japanese Language School I want to work in Japan. I want to find work in fashion or entartaiment sphere.

How do you enjoy while studying abroad?

Going to LIVEs of my favourite artists.

Favorite japanese food?

I like melon pan!

*Melon-flavored bread


Well, what japanese food do you dislike?

I don't like anko....

Also I don't like japanese traditional sweets


Your favourite place in Japan?

I like Odaiba very much! There is very beautiful view.

Also, I often go to Nakameguro, Shibuya and Shinjuku.

In Nakameguro there is LDH - an agency of my favourite artists, and there are many shops belong to LDH.

Also, there is a chance to meet artists. But I still haven't met anybody...

In Harajuku I'm doing windy shopping to raise my own sensibility and find ideas for mine design clothes.

Do you often buy clothes?

Clothes in Japan are really cute so I want to buy almost everything.

But it is expensive so I have to have endurance.

My last purchaise is this shoes. There was New Year sale so I coul get in just for 1000 yen! (about $10)

Your advice for people who want to come to Japan for studying?

Believe in yourself!

When you will be in Japan, try to avoid to use your mother language, try to speak in Japanee.

When you are studying abroad every minute, every second is inportant for practice.

Thank you for participating this questionnaire, Ekaterina!

Please, continue to enjoy of studying in Japan \(^o^)/

Enjoying of Halloween Ekaterina \(^o^)/



Tokyo ヒューマンアカデミー日本語 東京校

東京都新宿区高田馬場3-18-13 サクセス高田馬場ビル4階

JR山手線、東西線、西武新宿線「高田馬場」駅 徒歩10分


Osaka ヒューマンアカデミー日本語 大阪校

大阪市中央区北久宝寺町2-5-9 飛栄創建ビル1F

地下鉄御堂筋線「本町」駅11番出口 徒歩5分


Saga ヒューマンアカデミー日本語 佐賀校

佐賀県佐賀市松原2-2-27 佐賀バルーンミュージアム4F




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