We can experience the good old Japan here in Saga. We walked the town wearing a Kimono\(^o^)/

While we are studying in Japan, one of the things we want to experience is to wear a kimono.

Every country has its national costume.

For example, Vietnam ; Ao Dai, China ; China dress, and Korea ; Hanbok...

Wearing a national costume may be a very good way to experience the culture of the country. \(^o^)/

We went to "Yosooidokoro Futaba", Kimono Shop in Saga, and had an experience of wearing Kimono.

✔ Easy experience! Let's wear kimono and take a walk in the good old town in Saga!

We went to Yosooidokoro Futaba, which is very close to Human Academy Saga School.

The shop is located only 10 minutes' walk from Human Academy Saga School.

Yosooidokoro Futaba is on the 2nd floor of "The Old Hisatomi's House", which is the History Museum of Saga, located along the Old Nagasaki Street.This house was remodeled in February 2015, it has a cafe on the 1st floor, besides Futaba there're other 6 shops. There are old houses and banks built in Meiji and Taisho periods along the Old Nagasaki street.

  Quoted from the shop's website: http://yosohohi-futaba.jp/futaba/

✔ The shop is in the place where we can feel the good old atmosphere of Saga!

It is on the 2nd floor of the building that we can feel the nostalgia of Japan.

On seeing this building, we got really excited!! \(^o^)/

There are other shops. Why don't you visit and check them?

✔ Let's get into the shop and choose a favourite Kimono!

There are various kinds of Kimonos in the shop. You can choose the one whatever you like.

There are so many kinds of Kimonos. It may be difficult to choose a one.

The shop staff will help us choose one.

There are also many kinds of Kimono for men. \(^o^)/

✔ Choosing your favourite Kimono, let's try it! \(^o^)/

As everyone imagines, wearing Kimonos is quite difficult...

Only a few Japanese can wear Kimono by themselves.

In this shop, a professional staff will dress us ♪

We were very curious about the way she dress us...

She is really professional and dressed us really quickly!

It finished in such a short time!


✔ For woman, please do your hair first ♪

If you have long hair, it is normal to do your hair first.

If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, it is recommended to do your hair in an upsweep.

Don't you think hair setting is very difficult?

Please don't worry! You can have your hair set in the shop. \(^o^)/

 * The price depends on the hair set type. If you want point make-up, you can have one ♪

  For more details...http://yosohohi-futaba.jp/kimono-de-machiaruki/

It is important to decorate your hair.

There are  lot of hair ornaments in front of the mirror.

You can choose the one you like to put on.

She was becoming more and more cute! \(^o^)/

After the hair set, let's wear the Kimono ♪

The shop staff finished dressing us in such a short time!

She is really professional!

All done!

Aren't we look very nice in Kimono?

Now let's go for a walk!

As mentioned in the beginning, there are old houses and banks built in Meiji and Taisho periods along the street, with the good old atmosphere of Saga.

All of us had difficulty walking while wearing Kimono, but we were very happy.

Probably this experience has become one of our best memories in Japan. \(^o^)/

There are many old and good places in Saga.

Study abroad in Saga Prefecture is very popular because you can experience both of urban and rural lives.

Why don't you select study abroad in Saga?

✔Well established scholarship scheme

The criterion of the scholarship is based on the attendance rate after the enrollment, school's tests and interviews.

Since the scholarship selections are held every six months, you will have many opportunities, and your motivation for study will be increased.

Also, if you go to a university in Saga Prefecture after graduating from Human Academy Japanese Language School, you will still be eligible for the scholarship.

 ※ 25% of the students can get scholarship.

The information of "Yosooidokoro Futaba"
If you come to Saga, 

please visit the shop and have a walking experience wearing Kimono.


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