[November] Information about FREE online Japanese Lesson\(^o^)/

✔ You can try an online class for free!?

Have you been hearing everyone talking about taking online classes? Do you want to try one for yourself?

This course is popular among people who want to learn Japanese but do not have a school close to home or who are busy with work. There are also many people who take online courses while attending college or a Japanese language school.

Online lessons are attracting a lot of attention from people who want to learn Japanese!

✔You can take classes of the same quality as the classroom at home!

The online school offered by the Human Academy Japanese Language School is different from traditional conversation-oriented online schools.

You can master the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

We make it possible to attend a typical classroom-style class, available as-is, online!

It is said that although it is possible to fine-tune your speaking and listening skills through a traditional conversation-oriented online school, it is difficult to polish your reading and writing skills.

Instead of going to school, sit down with your computer and take a class.

✔Advantages and disadvantages of a conversation-oriented online school

With a typical online school, you use Skype to take a class that focuses on listening and speaking.

On the other hand, the Human Academy Japanese Language School uses a dedicated platform to offer classes that improve the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Now we offer at home the kind of high quality classes that you could previously only access by going to a school.

A special feature of our online school is that you attend classes with the same teacher and the same classmates at the same time every week.

✔ You're still concerned about tuition...

Group lessons are comparatively cheap, at only ¥1,296 per one-hour lesson! (Tax included.)

If you take four classes a week, meaning sixteen classes in a month, the total cost comes out to ¥20,736 with tax included.

For example, compared to actually going to school ...

Despite the classes being of similar quality, the price per hour is overwhelmingly cheaper for online school!

Not to mention, the maximum number of students per class online is even lower than in a classroom, so you can feel confident taking the class!

✔Are you worried about the class quality being lower than if you commuted to a traditional classroom? We have good news for you.

We are holding free trial sessions. Why don't you join us and check for yourself?

✔How to participate in a trial class

1. Go to the following link and check for open time slots. (Japan time)


2.Choose up to your top three time slots.

3.Please apply from the following URL.


4.The person in charge will send you an e-mail confirming your reservation.

5.Confirm how to participate in the class as described in the e-mail.

6.On the day of your reservation, please be prepared approximately 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start!

Trial Course

 One of the following

 A:General Japanese for beginners

 B: Business Japanese (N2level)

 C: JLPT N2/N3


・Has earphone with microphone

・Has PC

・Has WEB camera or Built-in camera

・Ready 10 minutes ago

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