Student Interview: About her experience learning Japanese at the online school.

Student: Ms. Bian Jing

Human Academy Japanese Language School is in Tokyo, Osaka, Saga and Fukuoka. 

We also have online classes for students who are difficult to attend the school in the distance.

We provide Japanese classes by online. 

We interviewed a student who took the online Japanese classes. 


Name: Bian Jing

Country of Origin: China

Workplace: Cyber Agent


Bian Jing attended Human Academy Japanese Language School while she was studying at a postgraduate university in Hokkaido, Japan. 

She got a job in Tokyo.  She said that she took the online Japanese classes to improve her Japanese skills while she was looking for a job.

Which part of your Japanese language ability did you want to improve?

I wanted to improve my ability to presentation skills. 

I was concerned about whether it could be communicate ethically. 

Technical words are very important for me. 

I think expression ability is also very important.  The ability to explain to others with simple words is important.

What are the advantages and disadvantages for an online student and a student who goes to school?

The point isn’t a learning style. 

The most important thing is class size.  The most effective is a one-to-one lesson.  

For example, if I learn by 20 students in one class,

I will be less able to learn. 

Teacher's time is limited, and students are hard to speak. 

In my case, I took a private lesson for 60 minutes. 

I had to concentrate to speak Japanese by one-to-one for 60 minutes. 

If you can’t take the private lesson, it is better to take lessons by one to two or one to three to improve skills.

Therefore, there is no difference between school type and online type. 

The point is learning with a small group. 

※Human Academy Language School has two online courses as below.

  1. Private Lesson: 1 teacher and 1 student
  2. Group Lesson: 1 teacher and 2~5 students

Have you ever been able to improve after completing the lesson?

It is how to use honorifics properly.

I learned honorifics when I went to the Japanese Language School, but I had no opportunity to use the honorifics when I was a university student. 

Through the online lesson, I remembered little by little, and I was able to use it with my studies repeatedly. 

In the online lesson, classes will proceed assuming "what kind of conversation can happen from the actual scene?"  I can remember understanding scenes and proceeding forward.

Do you think that the recording function of online school is important?

Yes. It is meaningless unless we review what we learned in class.

Do not review is the same as not learning.  

Recording of the lesson was very helpful as I can look back. 

I repeatedly watched the recording to memorize what I learned. 

I have reviewed 1 lesson 6 hours.  In my case I wanted to check in detail, so I studied by seeing the same part repeatedly.

※Recording function is only available for private lessons.

Was the instructor's teaching method satisfactory?

Yes.  The instructor understood what I am thinking, so communication was smooth.

It was close to the teacher, and it was an environment where I could relax and concentrate on my study.

✔ Finally, what is your dream?

I haven’t decided yet about my future because this industry is likely to change in many years. 

At that time I would like to live honestly in my feelings.

I would like to improve my Japanese and English language skills even more in the next few years.


Many thanks for speaking to us during your busy schedule, Bian Jing!

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