10 days having too much fun learning Japanese! The summer program in Human Academy Japanese Language School!

Too much fun in 10 days!? Experience Japanese culture while studying the Japanese language!

At Human Academy Japanese Language School we have a program where you can make use of your summer vacation and experience short international study for just 10 days.

In the summer program you will learn Japanese language in the morning and Japanese culture and much more in the afternoon.

You're thinking, other schools have similar programs don't they?

We include a program that you can experience nowhere else but in Human Academy Japanese Language School.

"Experience drawing manga while receiving instruction directly from manga artists."

"Turn completely into a voice actor and experience dubbing"

"Experience making foldable fans and doing design" and much, much more...

These will be introduced bit by bit here so watch out for it!

First day! Introduction to the school and Japanese culture.

We will explain the class schedule and Japanese culture among other things.

Everyone is still a little nervous.

This time...

Students from "Hong Kong, Korea, China, Taiwan" have joined the summer program. \(^o^)/


10 days of memories! Create an album just for you.

From now on, in 10 days, we will go to various places to study or do activities. On the last day we will be placing pictures and other things in the album.

We begin with making the cover.

We then decorate it using typical Japanese materials. It's great when everyone's different individual personalities come out.


Exploring near the school! A deep town: Takadanobaba.

The school has Tokyo's Takadanobaba station. In Japan it's known as a student town. We explore around that kind of Takadanobaba.

This place is called a market street. Various kinds of shops line up both sides.


Buying Suica at Takadanobaba station.

Recently, we bought a Suica for P-kun who came to Japan. How can we buy one? That is something we will learn together.

If you have it, there will be no need to buy tickets, and you can even use it in convenience stores and other places.

It's so convenient.

Let's return to the school from the station!

The Human Academy Japanese Language School is as much as 3 minutes away from the Takadanobaba station on foot.

However, this day was hot! Japan summers are very hot.

But Hong Kong where Jonah-san lives seems to be hotter....

Hong Kong is incredible!


This always brings to mind Japan summer! Let's eat kakigoori!

Japan summers are very hot. Here's a dessert that will help you through the hot summer! It's flavored ice called kakigoori.

Make kakigoori using a penguin!?

Kakigoori-making challenge! The penguin machine is in the middle. Use it to make kakigoori.

First, remove the head with a pop.

Then place ice in it...

Turn the head!!!

Doing so breaks down the ice to smaller bits.

After adding the syrup with your favorite flavor, dig in!

Kakigoori immediately cools the body. Japanese people can finish it off quickly but it's probably too cold?

Going to a restaurant near the school to eat lunch♪

A Japanese traditional phrase, we put our hands together and say "Itadakimasu" before we ate. \(^o^)/

In Japan there are a lot of delicious food eventhough they are very cheap.


That's a lot!

The first day ends with learning Japanese language after this.

From the second day the schedule becomes studying Japanese language in the morning then extracurricular activities in the afternoon.

Human Academy Japanese Language School's summer program where you can have fun while studying!

That's just the first day! Still lots more to come. \(^o^)/

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Human Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo

Waseda Yobiko 13ji Hall 7th Floor, Takadanobaba 4-9-9, Shinjuku, TokyoWaseda Yobiko 13ji Hall 7th Floor, Takadanobaba 4-9-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo

TEL: (+81)03-5348-8951


JR Yamanote Line / Seibu Shinjuku Line / Tokyo Metro Tozai Line[Takadanobaba Station] 3 minutes’ walk from Waseda Exit!




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