This is a notification of the summer vacation~Summer Vacation~

✔For those who wish to do a school inspection or an inquiry

Human Academy Japanese Laungage School will be on summer vacation from 8/11 until 8/17.

Please note that neither phone calls or e-mails will be available.

We will reply the inquiries made during the Obon break on 8/18

8/11~8/17 Obon Break.

8/18 School start.

 Osaka campus 

 Tokyo campus 

 Saga  campus 


✔For the enrolled students

The start of school after the summer break will be from 8/21.

In the case of an urgent communication during the summer please use the following information.

東京 080-3471-8624

大阪 080-3562-1363

佐賀 080-4599-8428