Yes, We can experience the history of Japan! The traditional Japan that we experienced in Edo Tokyo Museum.

✔Studying Japanese language along with learning Japanese culture.!?

In Human Academy Japanese Language School, we have a course which is called Experiencing Tradition of Japan. Every Friday, with the motive of fully enjoying the surroundings of Japan, we get out of the class to study. This is the summary of our visit this time, to the Tokyo Edo Museum.

✔From School to the Edo Tokyo Museum

From School, we head towards the Edo Tokyo Museum. Around 40 minutes until the destination. Buying tickets for the train, and searching the station name to head for, is also a part of the study.

✔Reached JR Ryougoku Station.!

Reached JR Ryougoku Station, the nearest station to the Tokyo Edo Museum.

✔Plenty of Hand prints of the real Sumo Wrestlers!!

There are plenty of Hand prints of the Sumo Wrestlers displayed. The only way to know the size of the hand prints is comparing with yours.

✔Unbelievably lovely Sumo wrestlers!

As soon as we exit the station, a cute sumo wrestler appears. This is something you cannot experience in anywhere around Shinjuku or Roppongi.


✔Reached Edo Tokyo Museum!!

This is a facility that helps us learn everything from the Edo period until now. For example: the real atmosphere of the Edo period. With complete time-skip, you can perfectly study the faciilty and the surroundings.

✔Can we experience the real lifestyle of the people of Edo Period!?

In current days, Japan is full of sophisticated facilities which was not a bit available in the Edo period. Even though, the people then, were able to build facilities like these in that era. It was very interesting to be able to experience it all in this facility.

✔Feeling like a princess! Tried riding a palanquin

Palanquin is a carriage for people, carried by multiple human strength. The portion where the person sits is attached to a pole which is then carried front and back by several people. This might have been the alternative to the present vehicles.

✔Reflected in a diorama, the festivals of Edo period!!

Using the picture-like diorama, one can imagine the figure of the same time. We can imagine the power and expression of the people carrying the Mikoshi.

✔The Dharma Cycle! Actually tried riding one!

We actually rode this bicycle, which is hard to ride on and hard to get off. In those times, with the concept of covering long distance with less effort, this type of bicycles might have been common.

✔Feeling completely like a Japanese??

In this facility, one can enter the Japanese traditional houses. Entering the Tatami based rooms, the kitchens will make you feel completely like a Japanese!? Students acting like they already know the posture of a Japanese while drinking Green Tea.

Studying inside the classroom is important, though learning through this kind of experience outside the classroom is also valuable, don't you think?\(^o^)/

The place we visited this time Edo Tokyo Museum

〒130-0015 Yokozuna 1-4-1, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

03-3626-9974 9:30 - 17:30 (Sat 9:30-19:30)

Entrance until 30 minutes before closing

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