How about experiencing a short-term exchange for your next trip to Japan? Join a 10-day summer school to enjoy Japanese culture, language and sightseeing!

Short period summer school for Japan lovers

Many Japan lovers visit and travel around Japan many times. Those regular travelers in Japan may want something more than just an ordinary trip. At the same time, even first-time visitors may be interested in experiencing Japanese culture in more depth.

Actually, short period summer schools are very popular among foreign tourists these days. You can learn Japanese language while visiting sightseeing spots and experiencing activities that are unique to Japan.

Among many summer schools, the one by “Human Academy Japanese Language School” is famous for its high quality, as you can create a lot of special memories.

Your next trip to Japan can be very different if you join this summer school. Are you satisfied with ordinary sightseeing trips? Why don’t you add some experiences to know the "real" Japan? You’ll never regret it!

Study Japanese Language in the morning, experience Japanese culture in the afternoon

The summer school of Human Academy Japanese Language School is famous for its off-campus activities and cultural experiences in the afternoon, once you are finished studying Japanese language in the morning. It can be a great chance to actually use your Japanese that you’ve just learned in the morning.

Off-campus activities and cultural experiences

There are a lot of courses for you to know more about Japanese culture. For example, there’s a course about Japanese anime or manga, which is now one of the Japanese cultures associated with “cool Japan” worldwide. You can get involved in creating one, or even being a voice actor.

Manga creating experience allows you to draw pictures, apply screen tones, and write in speech bubbles. You’ll feel like you are a real manga artist!

Voice actor experience takes place in an authentic studio creating the ambiance of a real recording.

There are many more courses you can choose from. Don’t you want to learn about special effects makeup and take the skills back home? How about making Japanese traditional crafts, learning amezaiku, the technique to make cute candies, and try wearing a yukata, a summer kimono?

In addition to the abundance of the kind of courses, their reasonable fee is also attracting many people. The secret is that Human Academy Japanese Language School has sister schools that offer those activities.


You can take the courses both at Tokyo and Osaka. Please note that the course contents are not always the same.


  • Experience Japanese Culture (13:30?18:00; available on four specified days during the course period)

Tokyo campus: manga, voice actor, design, yukata

Osaka campus: manga, voice actor, special effects makeup, amezaiku

*Contents can be changed.

Guide you to many hot spots!

You will have off-campus activities for 4 days during the course. Osaka campus has some tours to visit Osaka castle or Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, while the Tokyo campus includes visiting a maid cafe in Akihabara and Ramen Museum. You will be guided to many hot spots which are popular among the Japanese youth including factory tours and even seeing classical Japanese dances.

After all, this is not just a school. It is a place to make friends with other Japan lovers and enjoying Japan together. You will create precious memories with your classmates. It is something you can never have just as an ordinary tourist.

Please note that Tokyo campus and Osaka campus have tours with different sightseeing spots.

  • Off-campus activities (13:30?16:45; available on four specified days during the course period)

Tokyo campus: Indigo Dyeing, Edo-Tokyo Museum, maid cafe in Akihabara, Ramen Museum

・Indigo Dyeing: It is the technique to dye cloth using extracted colors from the indigo plant. It may be an unfamiliar color to visitors from outside Japan.

・Edo-Tokyo Museum: This facility offers you to experience the history and culture of Edo. You can see how Japan looked like during the time samurai were active.

・Maid cafe in Akihabara: A cafe where waitresses dress in maid costumes serve you. It is a culture unique to Japan where there is a clear distinction between the master of the family and other members.

・Ramen Museum: One of the most popular Japanese food is ramen! Here, you can have fun sharing many kinds of ramen with your friends.


Osaka campus: Osaka Castle, Asahi Beer Factory, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Classical Japanese dances

・Osaka Castle: It is a castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It was designated as a special historic site. The high stone walls are magnificent.

・Asahi Beer Factory: Asahi beer is popular not only in Japan but also overseas. Their state-of-art factory produces fresh exquisite beer.

・Fushimi Inari Shrine: A famous shrine in Kyoto with 1,000 torii (vermillion gates). It is definitely a great photo spot you can’t miss!

・Classical Japanese dances: Enjoy trying classical Japanese dances.

*Contents can be changed.

*Facility use charges are included in the tour fee.

*Meals are not included in the fee.

Choose the Japanese language class that matches your level

The Japanese language classes are offered by Human Academy Japanese Language School (HAJL), a school with a high percentage of successful candidates who have passed the entrance tests for colleges, graduate schools, and technical schools since its foundation in 1987. It is one of the best Japanese language schools in Japan. Their classes are known to be easy to understand as well interesting. It has a good reputation among those who joined the summer school in the past.

Because its well-known, you might think the classes are difficult! No need to worry. They have classes for different levels. Are you a complete beginner? Or have you learnt some Japanese before? You can choose the class that best suits your level.

Offering the intensive summer program for 10 days this year.

The lessons are conducted in Japanese.


Period: From July 31st to August 10th at both Tokyo campus and Osaka campus. (August 6th is a day off)

Fee: 86,400 yen per person (tax included). *Tuition for 10 days and the fee for off-campus activities are included.

Note: Accommodation fee, transportation fee between your accommodation and school, and insurance costs are not included.

  • Information

Human Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo campus

Waseda Yobiko bldg. 13ji Hall 7F, 4-9-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Human Academy Japanese Language School Osaka campus

Hieisouken bldg. 1F 2-5-9 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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Wait a second! What about accommodation?

Now you may be totally into this program. But what about the accommodation? There’s one more thing you need to know. Your accommodation during this program can be arranged for an additional fee. You can choose from a home stay or a guest house. If you choose home stay, you will be welcome as a part of a family. Your host family will help you to experience life in Japan. It will probably help you brush up your daily conversational Japanese.

If you choose a guest house, you will share a house with other people. Each person can have a private bedroom, but the kitchen, bathroom, living room are shared with others. You can meet many people from various countries, so this is a better choice if you want to make many friends. Please note that summer is the busiest season for accommodations in Japan. You’d better book early! For more information, visit the official website.

*If you want to stay at a hotel, you need to arrange it by yourself.





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