Summer Vacation

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? Just a quick blog today wrapping up the summer semester and TOEFL course.

From a previous blog, our summer semester ended July 15th and our TOEFL course started on the 19th. This year we had three TOEFL courses running. We had a 9 day course for the iTP (paper) test and iBT (computer based) test as well as a five day course for the iTP.

Studying TOEFL was a lot of work for the students, and there was a lot of grammar sheets and vocabulary building. There was some confusion on the grammar sections as there were so many different skills, and it was easy to mix them up, but the students worked really hard, asking questions and helping one another. On the first day we had a practice test, and on the last day we had an evaluation test. Many of the student's scores went up even though the last test was harder than the first. All the students were happy to complete the course and begin their summer holidays. Take a look at the happy students in the picture.

Img_2309_3We hope that everyone enjoys their holiday and has a wonderful time with their friends and family. Remember that even a little studying every day can help maintain your English level.

Have a great summer vacation and our fall course will start on August 22nd!!!