Summer Has Begun


Peter Van de Veire


Hello. The summer term has started at HIUC Osaka. The new students have had a couple of weeks of school, and they are slowly starting to settle into the routine of studying and doing homework. 

Dscn0569In my level 1 writing class, we have finished one big paragraph and three book reports. We have been focusing a lot on reading skills and vocabulary, but we are now focusing more on writing skills and grammar. 

Dscn0568The students in the level 2 and 3 classes have been pretty busy, too. At first, they were shocked by the amount of homework, but they are slowly getting used to it. They have some big presentations coming up soon. 

Dscn0570In the last few weeks, we have had a number of surprises. A number of past students are back in Japan for summer break and have dropped by to say hello. Today, I met an old student who is studying chemistry in the US. She got straight A’s this term. Earlier in the week, I met an old student who graduated from his college and is transferring to the University of North Dakota to study aviation. He was able to get a number of scholarships because of his hard work and good grades. 

Dscn0573I met another student who finished one year at his 2 year college and is preparing to transfer to the University of Buffalo. His grades were really good, and he wanted to try a bigger challenge. The week before, I spoke to a student who finished his first year of university in Canada. He said he enjoyed his year and made a number of friends and joined some clubs as well. 

Dscn0574There have been some other visitors too, but I only have space for one more. She visited almost a month ago. She graduated from her two year college in the States and then she worked for a year in Hawaii. Now she is back in Japan and about to pursue her dream. She is going to be teaching young children about sports in English. She looked really happy to be starting her dream job. It was great to see her and all of them again. I hope to see more students in the following weeks.