Welcome to a new semester at HIUC★春にピッタリのイディオムを紹介します!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new semester at HIUC. We have just started classes today, and all the new students are just getting to know the area and HIUC in general. Everyone seems fresh and ready to go after a great Golden Week. 


As we have just entered the Spring I thought we could do a Spring idioms quiz. Actually, quite a few of them seem to be based on eggs as they are a symbol of a new start and new life.  

Below are some popular Spring idioms. Try to match the idioms with their meanings (it is not as easy as it sounds). 

1. have all of one’s eggs in one basket

2. be no spring chicken

3. egg someone on

4. walk on eggshells 

5. a ray of sunshine 

6. nip something in the bud

7. the grass is always greener on the other side

a. to encourage someone to do something dangerous

b. to try to fix a problem before it gets too bad

c. to act nervously 

d. to put all of your thoughts and time into one plan 

e. to not be young and energetic anymore

f. to feel like a different choice will be better, even though it might not be

g. a person who brings joy when they arrive

If this is too difficult, please scroll down and you will see some example sentences which will really help you. 

We will give you the answers in the next blog, so please make sure to check your answers then. Until then, please enjoy the lovely Spring weather and speak to you all soon. 


Kraavor egged me on as I jumped into the river.

I know you want to be a teacher, but don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Trevor gets tired easily these days because he is no spring chicken!

Everyone walks on eggshells when Wes is angry.

The new teacher at HIUC is a ray of sunshine. The students love her!

If we don’t nip it in the bud, these students will keep speaking Japanese in the school.

When I was in America, I thought Japan was better. Now, I am in Japan, I want to go back to America. The grass is always greener on the other side.