Peter VandeVeire


Hello. I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.


The spring term has finished at HIUC Osaka. Almost all of the students have now officially graduated. They finished there last week of exams, essays, and presentations. Now they have a little time to relax and prepare to move overseas. Within the next couple of months they will start to leave for their new countries and their new schools.


On the last day of school, we had a small farewell party. At the end of the party we gave out a number of awards and took some pictures. The students also passed small gifts to the teachers. That was a nice surprise.


The regular students are done school, but many of the distance learning students still have one more course to take. They will start their 11 day intensive course soon. They will be busy studying and using English from 9:00 to 5:30 every day. The course is very intensive, but the students who do their best can really make improvements in their English. It should be an interesting 11 days.