Peter VandeVeire


Hello. I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. Here in Osaka we have had a couple of beautiful days. For today’s blog, I wanted to put up a couple of short videos for you. 

The first one is a quick lesson about complex sentences. In an earlier blog (Dec. 14, 2015,) we looked at compound sentences. If you can use compound and complex sentences correctly, you can add some variety to your writing.


HIUC授業 Complex Sentences(複文の書き方について)
YouTube: HIUC授業 Complex Sentences(複文の書き方について)

The second video is about simple present tense verbs. It gives you some details about the grammar and about when we use simple present tense verbs. It is important to know the grammar, and it is equally important to know when to use the grammar. Sometimes when people learn grammar they look only at the form and forget about the function.


HIUC文法授業(Simple Present Tense Verbs)
YouTube: HIUC文法授業(Simple Present Tense Verbs)

I hope you enjoy the videos. Have a good week.