Happy Valentine's Day ♥1日遅れのバレンタインデー♥


Wes Cooke


Hello everyone. How have you all been doing?

On February 8th, HIUC students started their Spring Semester. The E class is now taking an essay writing course and an upper intermediate listening and speaking course. Their third course is American Culture. Here they are listening to a lecture about European colonization.Img_1066_3

They will be learning all of the fifty states and the capitals as well as the history of the USA, so there will be a lot of information to memorize. On this Thursday, they will be giving a presentation on one Native American tribe.

The F class is taking GE Prep which is a basic introduction to anthropology,
economics, literature and ecology which students may take in their first year
of college or university. They are also taking a course which makes them better
public speakers. One of the students is currently giving a speech.



The other students and instructor are all listening carefully so that they can contribute to the group discussion at the end of the speech.

In addition, we are offering Psychology, Biology and Management to other students. As always, our office staff is quite busy as they are preparing for next year and helping students with their college and university applications. The regular students, night students and the online course students are coming in and out of the office all day to ask questions.

It is quite busy as everyone is trying to finish off their forms and send them to their overseas schools.

Here is some information about Valentine's Day in North America. In Canada and the US, boys give cards, flowers, chocolates to women they like or are dating. Also, many couples go out for dinner at restaurants. Did you know that there is no White Day in North America? As there isn't White Day, Valentine's Day is very lucky and enjoyable for ladies.

Here are some Valentine's idioms you can use next year.

To fall in love at first sight (to fall in love the first time you see someone)

From the bottom of my heart (totally, completely, deeply)

My heart skipped a beat (I got excited)

Head over heels in love (completely in love)

Puppy love (to have a crush on someone when you are young)


Have a great week, and we hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day and last week.