HAPPY HOLIDAYS ☆プレゼンテーション☆動画つき☺

Welcome back!! Most of you must have been very busy with either high school exams or end of term university exams recently. We hope that all of you did well in all subjects.

In Tokyo, the students were very busy from December 8th to December 16th. There were a lot of midterm tests, presentations and roleplays to complete.

The E class completed two presentations. One presentation was about the positive or negative effects of tourism on popular places. The other presentation was on ecotourism. One group did a presentation on New Caledonia. Students had to talk about the attractions in the place and what problems tourists cause before ending with solutions on how to solve the problems.

The F class had a major presentation in their American Culture class. The students had to pick a group which immigrated to the U.S. and explain the reasons for the immigration, as well as some famous American immigrants.

The G class did their first major speech in the presentation class. They made an informative speech to their classmates on a topic of their choice. One student spoke about how to have a perfect day at DisneySea. Another student talked about different ways to save data on a computer while another talked about how to correct a posture problem. However, one student did a speech on how to stay healthy over the Christmas and New Year's holidays which we would like to share with you. Here is a video of her presentation. We hope that you enjoy it and can learn a lot of information. It fits in very well with the season and all of the wonderful food people will eat! Please click on the link to watch.




Have a wonderful happy holiday and enjoy your time with family and friends.