My Trip

Hello everyone. 

The weather was very kind this last weekend and I hope everyone had the chance to get outside and enjoy themselves. 
Recently, in the E-Class we have been working on using timetables and making schedules from the textbook. As well as the textbook activities the class worked on producing an interesting presentation. The students were to imagine that they had basically unlimited funds and they were able to go on the trip of their dreams. However, there was one problem... they were not allowed to fly. As we have been working on language about the environment and climate change, we decided that the trips should be somewhat environmentally friendly. In addition, the trips must be well researched on the internet. They were to use real life schedules and timetables, and visit real places with realistic deadlines. For example, they couldn’t say they were going to go from England to the US.  They had to say the port they were leaving from as well as the destination, the company they would use, and the length of time the ferry or cruise would take. 
While this task proved challenging the students were very engaged in the task and worked hard to produce a realistic yet exciting trip. They learn to research and use vital information from the internet in English. They also learned to produce a presentations and used good visuals, such as maps, photos, and process diagrams, to explain their trips. As they were not to use Japan as one of their destinations all research had to be done in English and I feel this experience will help them feel confident in finding out information for themselves and being somewhat self sufficient when they go to universities overseas.


There were 3 presentations and the students had obviously worked really hard to produce some fine quality visuals, and they had carefully rehearsed their scripts many times and were able to speak with good fluency. 
Well done E-class.