Projects, Papers and Presentations

Having completed the first two weeks of the autumn semester, the students are well into their studies, and the deadlines for the first set of projects, papers, presentations, and exams are coming. As a result, the students at HIUC Shinjuku have been doing their best to balance their studying, part time jobs, and social life. Many of them have made good progress in this area, and this will certainly help them once they are studying at university abroad.

The E class has been working hard to improve their vocabulary levels, and they have had very good success. Moreover, in the speaking and listening class they have been concentrating on their pronunciation to make their English clearer, in addition to learning about urban planning and offbeat jobs in their textbooks. The focus in their writing class has been developing topic sentences that will hook the reader. So far, they seem to be doing well in their writing.


 F class has just finished a unit of studying advertising in both their speaking and listening class and their mixed discipline class. The students gave some Power Point and Prezi presentations last Friday focusing on analysis of television and internet advertising’s impact on people their age. Overall, they did quite well due to the amount of research and preparation they did. In their writing class, they are working hard on narrative paragraphs and storytelling. It’s tough work, but they’re improving day by day.


Here 2 students in F class are discussing ideas for a short product presentation. 

 In their speaking and listening class, the Gs are preparing presentations on people who have overcome some sort of challenge in their lives. They have been doing a lot of work to prepare for this presentation, and their teacher is looking forward to the results. Their writing class also seems to be going well, as their overall writing skills – vocabulary, grammar, structure, and style – have shown clear signs of improvement. In their inter-disciplinary class, the students are learning about American values and the development of culture in the United States. So far, they find it quite interesting.


That is what has been happening here in Shinjuku for the last few weeks, and we’ll report in next week with more news and events in the world of HIUC.