Many presentations!! HIUC Tokyo



Welcome back everybody!! I hope you all have been well.  As always it has been busy at HIUC for the students but it has also been a fun two weeks. There were many presentations and I have lots of pictures to share.

The G class is still working on The Pearl their reading class. Now that they are in the middle of the book, the story is much more interesting. They are also starting to see the connections and symbols the writer used in the story. For many students, this is the first time to look for symbols and hidden meanings in a text, and when they find them, they are very excited. This skill will be very helpful when they are studying overseas as this is a very common activity when looking at literature. Also, the G class had to choose a charity, research it and then give a presentation to the class. The teachers were quite pleased at the effort of the students and the presentations were well done.