ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. We are back to school at HIUC. Summer break is over, and the students are back to class. It has been nice to see all the students again. There are also some new faces in the classes this term. That means that the students from last term get a chance to meet even more people.

This term I am teaching level 3 listening and speaking and level 2 reading and writing. During the first week of classes in my level 3 listening and speaking class, we talked about advertising. We looked at different ads and talked about the various advertising techniques they used. We talked about using positive and negative emotional appeals. We also looked at using humor and sound effects in ads. We looked at magazine ads and TV ads. We watched various ads and analyzed them.


Then we had presentations about different ads. Each student had to pick three ads to analyze. They had a few days to pick an ad and decide what they were going to say about it. Then they worked in pairs and presented their ads. They did this four times in order to get their ideas smoother and clearer. Finally, they had to pick their best ad and present it to the entire class. This was the first presentation for this term, so the focus was on having good eye contact and speaking loudly and clearly. They also had to make sure that they had good supporting details for their ideas.


Next week, the student will make an original ad and present their ad to the class. They will also need to analyze it for the class. This should give them a chance to use their creativity.

Have a good week.


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