The fall term has begun.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 

Hello. The fall term has begun. The students are back after their summer break and studying hard again. This term, I am teaching the level 4 reading and writing class. We are going to focus on writing essays, and we are going to the read the novel Animal Farm. It is going to be a tough class, but I think the students will be able to learn many things.


We have only been back to class for a short time, but already the students are pretty busy. The level 2 students did their second mini-speeches today. They had to use the new grammar patterns they have been studying and transitions to make a 90 second speech in front of the class. They could not use cue cards this time. They had to talk from memory.


The level 4 students who are studying about American culture are going to have their second test today. They had a small vocabulary quiz earlier this week. However, today they are going to have a test on some of the information they have learnt. They will be tested on the content of the class. It should be a good challenge for them. The test taking skills they learn in this class will help them when they have to take tests in college next year.


This week, I have also seen many students doing their pronunciation recordings. They spend a few days practicing different sounds. Then they have to record themselves reading the words and sentences that their teachers give them. If you want to know what you sound like, it is a good idea to record yourself, and then listen to yourself.

The students are off to a good start. I hope they keep it up.