Fall Term


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I hope you are having a nice week. The level four students have had a tough few days recently. They had a midterm exam in their American culture class. The exam was mostly content based. That means the focus of the questions was on what information they learnt, not on what English they learnt. In the reading and writing class, they also had a midterm exam. In this exam, they had to read two essays and analyze them. They also had to answer questions about different types of introductions, prewriting, and thesis statements. In a few more weeks, they will have a similar experience again, but this time, it will be with their final exams.


The level three students are about to get busier too. They are starting to prepare for their major projects. They have to research an environmental problem. Then in the last week of classes they need to make a presentation and write a paper on their topic. This will give them a chance to practice a lot of the skills they are going to have to use in college in the future. They will still have to do all of their regular work on top of this project, so they will also get a change to practice their time management skills.


The level two students have been busy as well. They are moving away from mini-presentations to slightly longer more formal presentations. They are also working hard on their paragraph writing skills and doing extra listening practice. Hopefully, they are taking their time and trying to do their homework to the best of their ability. When doing listening practice, it is important to listen to the audio file many times and do all the steps that are listed in the handout. Listening requires a number of skills, and it is important to practice and develop all of them.

Dscn6206 Have a good week and enjoy the cooler weather.