Never Be Afraid! Happy Halloween!!

Week 9 is done!

A super great week of listening to university/college explanations, reading through well-written and MLA-formatted writing assignments, listening to super creative presentations in all levels, participating in heated debates, conducting emergency shoe repairs, and watching the amazing human spirit! The sky is no longer the limit! You can set your goals as high as you want!! Never let anyone try to explain to you how you WON’T or CAN’T. If someone does attempt ...this, tell him or her to take a hike up Mt. KMA! There are many haters in this world, but the positive people WILL ALWAYS have the last word! You can put that in your little books!

The instructors see a lot of improvement across the board! Now is the time to turn up that energy level to 110%! We have 72 days until 2013! Make each and every day count toward your goals in life! I have said this many times, you can get all of your English skill sets at HIUC! Be greedy with your time and your progress! Get the absolute most out of the HIUC program and the hard earned money your parents have spent! Be true to yourself and true to your family and friends! They will always be their when you need them.

This week, we had past students enjoying their first jobs in high-profile companies, singing their hearts out for the world to see and listen to, drawing amazing and thought-provoking works of art, interviewing for Fortune 500 companies, being student leaders on college and universities around the world, and simply setting great examples of being great former HIUC students!

Next week is the last week for the Fall Term 2012! Halloween Event is on Friday. Make sure you have your ghost stories ready! We have had some really great ones in the past! Hope you have your costume picked out! Be creative! You do not have to spend a lot of money; in fact, you do not have to spend any money! Everything can be homemade/handmade!





【大阪校】Halloween Party開催のお知らせ